Vision & Tradition

The Story

David Mickel founded DM Sales in 1967 when the thermoforming industry was still in its infancy. Inspired by the dream to create quality thermoformed plastics, he has set out on a journey acquiring the knowledge of materials, processes, and the human side of business. He shared the vision with his son, Richard, who officially joined the company in 1993.

Through the efforts of our family leadership and talents of employees at every level, DM has grown to the business that it is today. It is one of the most respected thermoforming operations in the United States. We are proud to offer our clients a large variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and volume capacity.

Continued Growth

Today, we still carry the same customer service and quality-oriented mentality that we had when we started. Fifty years later the technology has changed, our dedication has not. We turn our clients’ requirements into a product through functional, effective, and cost-saving process.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Notwithstanding the long legacy and old history we continue moving forward with the new developments. We are constantly working on building a better value for our clients by implementing new technologies and processes. In recent years, we introduced 3D printing technology to our prototyping phase, that has cut the time down by 40%. Our in-house tools, advanced facilities, and production equipment allow us to meet the quality, volume, and a variety of design requirements.

Care and Collaboration

DM Sales & Engineering can provide thermoforming of various types, including blister and clamshell packaging for consumer products. We provide industrial, medical, and electronics packaging, and as well as packaging that must adhere to strict federal regulations for various industries. We approach every single one of our projects with the care and awareness of the limitations. We are always up-front about the pricing.

We provide the safest conditions for our employees, equipping them with the highest standards of professionalism and workplace protocol. We encourage collaboration, guaranteeing that the hardest working and most well-informed team members work on all of our projects. The way we treat our employees and our customers are important, and a central component of our overall mission. We are made up of honest people who want to work ethically, safely, and with an unparalleled drive.