Thermoformed Electronics Packaging

DM Sales and Engineering can meet your electronic thermoforming needs through the use of both conductive or ESD (Electrostatic discharge) materials.

100% traceability

Certificate of full material traceability with each product.

ESD Packaging

Protects sensitive components from electric charge.

In-House Tooling

All our tooling is 100% in house to ensure optimal precision.

Quick Turnaround

On new projects in a fast changing environment.

Certified Packaging with Full Traceability

Every order we ship comes with a certificate of compliance providing full material traceability and verification of product inspection. In addition, DM Sales and Engineering approves and certifies each of its material suppliers to guarantee complete accuracy and compliance.

We believe in complete accountability and transparency, with the materials needed for each part specified on the original PSD (Product Specification Drawing) and with materials traceability maintained on all production runs. Quality, transparency, and accountability are the tenets upon which we run our business.

How it Works

Antistatic ESD Packaging

Protect sensitive electrical components from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Why It is Important

Many electronic components are extremely sensitive to electrostatic charges. These charges can come from naturally occurring built-up static electricity in the environment. Consequently, these charges can overload the electronics in your products that have high static sensitivity, and render them inoperable. At DM Sales and Engineering, we use a large variety of protective materials, from Conductive ESD to Dissipative Packaging, ensuring your electronic product is fully protected.

In a Fast Moving Electronics Industry, Choose The Right Packaging Partner.
Why DM Sales?

DM Sales and Engineering is among the top thermoformers in the United States. We have extensive product line with minimal size and materials restrictions. Our hands-on management team is involved in every important milestone of your project. When you work with DM Sales, you are in the hands of Industry Veterans that have been serving the field for the past few decades. You can have a peace of mind that no detail is missed and the outcome is a functional, secure, and fully compliant packaging at a competitive price.