Industrial Thermoformed Packaging

We provide industrial clients with solutions to their internal transfer of parts from process to process.

100% traceability

Aggressive quality control programs in place

Efficient Design

To allow for tray de-nesting and stacking.

In-House Tooling

All our tooling is 100% in house to ensure optimal precision.

Quick Turnaround

On new projects in a fast changing environment.

Solutions for Rigorous Industry Demands

As an experienced thermoforming company, DM Sales & Engineering offers a wide array of options for Industrial Thermoformed Packaging. We specialize in thin gauge thermoformed packaging that works well for various industrial applications. For instance, we produce protective trays that keep parts secure in the manufacturing transition process.

Additionally, we offer custom heavy gauge packaging for meeting specialized needs. Heavy gauge thermoforming is thicker than .060”. It has can be used in different industrial applications when there is a need for stress-resistant, oversized, permanent, outdoor, or large indoor components.

Commitment to Service

What we offer to ensure a consistent favorable outcome for every single project.

  • Comprehensive Process: In the first phase of the project we ensure that questions on important topics are fully addressed. Only then we move on to the prototyping phase. Those question cover the functionality, safety, aesthetics, any potential pitfalls, industry compliance, and product specifications.
  • Specialized Solutions: DM Sales & Engineering has been developing thermoformed packaging for the industrial use over a span of several decades. Our experience with this market has provided us with specialized knowledge of its unique needs, requirements, and opportunities for improvement. One of the popular solutions we developed are protective trays that safeguard industrial parts as they move within clients’ facility during the manufacturing process.
  • Communication: We are completely transparent throughout the entire process, keeping our client up to date at every step of the design to production. This helps to reduce costs associated with any potential design flaws, industry requirements, or safety.
How it Works

We Anticipate and Respond to Your Needs at Every Step.

We have extensive experience working with clients who require thermoformed trays that will be used in a robotic loading environment. Our capabilities exceed those of most other thermoforming companies, with the equipment and facilities necessary to use a wide range of materials to fit various sizes of products and packaging. We strive to understand how you need your products and packaging to function so that it meets your requirements every time.