Thermoformed Medical Packaging

DM Sales and Engineering is an experienced thermoformed medical packaging supplier, serving the dental, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

100% traceability

Certificate of full material traceability for medical packaging.


Certificates of Compliance accompany each order shipped.

In-House Tooling

All our tooling is 100% in house to ensure optimal precision.

Quick Turnaround

On new projects in a fast changing environment.

Excellence in Compliance and Precision.

In order to ensure the quality of medical thermoformed packaging, our production department follows a Process Certification Program. All machine operators and other production personnel are trained to closely monitor the thermoforming process. In addition, Certificates of Compliance accompany each order shipped, detailing full material traceability and verification of product inspection.

Quality Materials

Not only do we handle all in-house procedures with attention to detail and accountability, we require the same from our material suppliers. Each supplier we work with is approved and certified by our team. Materials for every product are specified in the original PSD (Product Specification Drawing).

How it Works

Full Transparency at Every Production Run

DM Sales and Engineering maintains complete traceability on all product runs. Because of the strict requirements for medical packaging, we maintain complete transparency and accountability at all times. We understand that medical manufacturers must meet particularly stringent safety standards, which is why we exclusively use materials and processes to comply with them.

Fast and Economical

Thermoforming has become one of the top choices for medical manufacturers, and for a good reason. The process is an economical way to produce high-quality products of varying sizes and functions. In addition, the turnaround time is much shorter than with other methods such as injection molding.

Exceptional Service
is Our Tradition.

To adhere to the high standards of thermoformed medical packaging, we have dedicated quality assurance staff overseeing the product development process. No problem is too complex to be solved by our team of trained experts.