Clients Choose us

For 50+ Years.

Honesty and Accountability

DM Sales and Engineering is the thermoforming company that solves problems of all sizes and complexities. Our 50 years of advanced experience have allowed us to truly understand the industry, our clients’ needs, and to recognize how to exceed expectations. Not only will we do it right, but we’ll do it within the timeframe and with the specifications you require. Honesty and accountability are some of our most important and highly-regarded qualities. We are ethical and straightforward, clearly setting our expectations before we begin the project. If we can’t complete a project within a particular budget or requirement, we let you know right away.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that time is of the essence. While most of our competitors take several days to respond with a quote, we always get back to you within 24-hours. Once the project plan is in place it only takes us about 2 weeks for 3D prototype turn-around, which is 30% faster than industry average. We are able to accomplish that by using our 3D printing technology for economical and rapid packaging prototype.

Minimal Limitations

While as most companies work with only 2-3 materials, DM Sales and Engineering works with a wide variety, making it easy for us to provide the materials our customers need. We don’t just push the materials that are easiest for us, like many of our competitors do. We always put the clients’ needs first. Our equipment also allows us advanced capabilities. At our large Indianapolis facility we are able to form the parts that a lot of our competitors do not have the capacity to. In terms of size and depth, we can work with far more variety than industry average. Did you know the majority of businesses working in thermoforming can’t make parts thicker than 4-inches deep? We don’t fall into that limitation.

Pricing Stability

Seasonal price lock is something a lot of our clients value immensely. It allows them to budget their packaging costs more accurately and offers a peace of mind that the constant fluctuations in materials cost will not create a significant impact on their bottom line. Even if the material cost during that season goes up, we do not increase the contracted price as a lot of other thermoforming companies do.

Attentive Care

For us, customers always come first. No exception. Our business model is customer-focused, and we see our relationship as a collaboration. We work with you and for you to deliver the customized fit that will be the most beneficial. Our highly-trained team of experts provides you with custom project management, and we give you access to principals and stakeholders of the company so that you receive only the most authoritative, high-quality support throughout the entire project process.

Hands-on Management

When you reach out to DM Sales and Engineering, you are speaking directly with a decision-maker, usually one of our company founders. Our seasoned management team is involved at every step of the process, so you can have the peace of mind that your project is overseen by someone with 30+ years of industry experience. If any unforeseen changes arise, we are able to respond and make project alteration quickly and efficiently.

Industry Reputation

A lot of the projects we currently work on come from Word-of-Mouth that the clients we have a long-standing relationship with, put out for us. After 50+ years of serving companies in the competitive industry we have developed a stellar reputation among nationwide Thermoformers. We are known as a straight-forward company with family environment and deep knowledge of packaging industry, compliance, safety, and functionality.